who am i?

i began working on hair in 2010 in Chicago, IL. from early on i loved the science of the artistry. i quickly learned that hairdressing was not merely cutting and coloring. it takes a thorough understanding of everything from the chemistry of hair & color molecules, how to work with organic textures & face shapes, and how to treat every head of hair as a canvas that needs to be worked with in its own unique way. 

since childhood i've always enjoyed creating art & working with my hands. i love to create. therefore i feel a deep sense of passion and fulfillment in creating for and inspiring other people.

i also learned that hair is an opportunity to take charge of one's image and self confidence, which affects how others see and treat them. & it shouldn't need to take 45 minutes of styling every morning either! with the right cut, color and know-how, i believe anyone can & deserves to have confidence with little effort.

who are you?

i love to work with all hair types, first helping you achieve healthy hair from the inside out. we can then collaborate to make virtually any style or color work, though i tend to lean toward styles that make things easy for you. i also love celebrating everything that makes people unique and helping to manifest your ideas of self expression despite any perceived limitations of gender or what certain colors/textures/face shapes can or can't do.


achieving success in this way involves getting to know each other, therefore i love cultivating relationships with people. this is necessary for achieving both long-term goals, such as growing out short hair or making your way from dark to light, & short term goals. i am not the stylist to have a quick & careless fling with - i'm in it for the long haul, babe! so if this is what you're looking for in a stylist & you'd be open to having a loving relationship with your hair, i would love to work with you.

"I've been going to Cherryl religiously for over a year and I wouldn't dare go anywhere else for my hair. Her studio is cute and clean and she does plenty of research on the products she uses on your hair. She's personable and will tailor her service to your needs/wants. She's great at doing edgy styles but I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my hair and I've never been disappointed when I walk out of her studio."

                                                             - Alison D.

"I have always been somewhat of a flaky customer when it comes to hairdressers, I think because I believe they have to be skilled, have a cool personality and the space they cut in has to be pleasant too. I've been going to Cherryl now for more than a year and look forward to my appointments."

                                                             - Ben H.